When Will It Be the Right Time to Start Being Me? ~ Peter J. Reding

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I know how you can re-discover who you really are!

As a young boy, I heard a thousand times from my loving parents – “I know what’s best for you.” And “When you are older, you’ll see the wisdom of what we are telling you.”

As a young man, I began to question who I was, but at the very same time, I was fulfilling what my parents, teachers, and employers had groomed me to be – An over-achiever, workaholic, and reliable effective leader.

I was very content for the first 15 years of my career with rapid promotions, increasing executive responsibilities, annual incentive trips, and handsome financial rewards. The costs included divorce and not having any form of a personal life. The remaining issue still persisted – I felt there was a missing hole within me that would somehow be filled as I got older. What did become clear was that getting older or more mature was most certainly not the road to inner fulfillment or magically knowing who I really was deep-down in my core.

I’ll skip the 8-10 years of wondering thru the obstacle course of personal development. For the past 24 years, I have been perfecting proprietary processes that:

1. By-pass the linear and mostly conditioned brain – that has been telling you who you are SUPPOSED TO BE.

2. Accessing (not assessing) your deepest original self (your Core SELF) – the one that your Divine Creator created.

3. Articulates your Core SELF in words that you understand.

4. Puts it in a form that you can use for your everyday practical decisions and planning.

5. And I am making access to this self-discovery process easy – on this website: www.CoreSelfie.com and in the near future available thru an easy APP.

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