I Am Fricking Awesome! ~ Peter J. Reding, Founder

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I am unique. But I am not alone in being “Fricking Awesome”. Every human being is unique, has been uniquely created by their Divine Creator. Each of us is here to be and contribute to our world in some life-affirming way.

The issue is this, my June 2019 estimate is that 98% of the current 7.5 billion people in the world are living from their old conditioning operating system rather than operating from their CORE operating system.

A CORE operating system is your “original SELF”, your most “Authentic SELF” or who you were created to be. Like Oscar Wilde said: “Be Yourself – everyone else is already taken.” 

The questions for me have always been

      – How can I discover and articulate who I am? 

      – What elements go into knowing who I am?

      – There seem to be so many layers or origins of who I am – where and how do I access and how con I distinguish which are valid and which are not valid?

Welcome to the website and non-profit NGO that brings 24 years of expertise that will finally answer all of the above questions . . . in your quest to KNOW who you really are!

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